Parched, frail and delirious,

lying under the merciless gust,

blinded by day, sleepless through night,

naked, covered with sheets of dust.


Through the crooked paths of fate

that she carved in her buoyant youth,

memory flashes back random images

of the music, the cheers, the laughter,

the parties that seemed could’ve lasted forever.

Oh so raging were the songs of her youth,

the other sounds around her just drowned mute!


Then she, abruptly,

jolts back to reality.

Silence rushes back piercing her ears,

sight returns to scorch her eyes.

Looped thoughts start streaming again-

was it some manmade dam

that paralyzed her midstream?

Or was she damned by the gods

that left her voiceless in her scream?

Was it…?


With nowhere to go,

she lays still.

All alone.

Her questions continue.

Her answers aren’t new.

Will it ever

rain enough to fill

the voids she

now has?

Will she ever

be the river she

once was?


Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, published 06/26/2016